We will be working on the Persuasive Research Paper for the next two units. Please keep in mind that this is the longest paper you will write for this class. (This paper is also worth more of your grade than others in this course.) The Persuasive Research Paper will be due at the end of Unit 6.
In the Persuasive Research Paper, you will simply want to take a position on an issue of dispute of your choice, using research to support your position and to try to convince others to adopt your position.

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This paper should be at least 4-6 pages long (a minimum of 1000-1500 words, not including the final Works Cited), it must include at least four sources, and it should accomplish the following:
* State your audience.
* Clearly articulate your position on an issue of dispute.
* Clearly articulate the reasons you hold this position, using evidence to support the validity of your stance.
* Present information confidently and efficiently.

* Use established information for support, as well as personal “evidence” (if applicable) such as short anecdotes and examples from your own experience, or the experience of others.
* Maintain a persuasive tone that will be accessible (not alienating or insulting) to your particular audience.
Unit 5 is designed to familiarize you with the Persuasive Research Paper, and to help you choose a topic. I would like each of you to discuss your topic ideas on the discussion board this unit, as I absolutely make it a priority to respond with my advice regarding ways to strengthen your approach and overall argument.

If you have questions regarding research, ask! Unit 5 will also discuss basic structure and strategies to consider in terms of your approach to this paper. Unit 6 will explain how to cite sources in papers such as this and give you time to revise.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Papers on the following topics (or any related components) will not be accepted:
* abortion
* capital punishment
* euthanasia
* obesity
* global warming/climate change
* Federal firearms legislation
I’ve read enough papers concerning these issues to know that they do not work for an assignment of this length, as these topics truly are too general and too complex.

Some of these topics typically boil down to a matter of examining scientific evidence, which is not an argument at all but an informative issue. On the whole, I encourage you to scale down in terms of focus and be more specific in selecting your topic. If the Letter to the Editor was inspiring to you, feel free to expand on that argument in this assignment help.

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