PEST and SWOT Analysis of  COSTCO
Company name Costco
3.1.1 An overview of the macro environment (including social responsibility
and ethical aspects) in which the organisation is operating
3.1.2 Identification of the element(s) of PEST having impact on the plan
3.1.3 Assessment of the impact of the identified element(s) in specific terms
3.2 An analysis of the total and the target markets and the market trends
3.3 An analysis of the competitive environment identifying the main rivals in the market
and their positions and major activities (market share, profitability and marketing mix
3.4 An analysis of the overall industry in which the organisation operates in terms of its
structure, performance and future trends
3.5 An analysis of the organisation’s resources base in financial, technological and HR
4.1 Internal SWOT analysis
4.1.1 Identification and analysis of the major strengths of the organisation
4.1.2 Identification and analysis of the major weaknesses of the organisation
4.2  External SWOT analysis
4.2.1 Identification and analysis of the current and potential major threat(s) facing
the organisation
4.2.2 Identification and analysis of the major opportunities that the organisation can
4.3 Impacts analysis of SWOT
4.3.1  Identification of the impacts of SWOT on the organisation in general
4.3.2 An analysis on the impacts of SWOT on the operation and policies/ strategies
of the organisation
5.0 Broad and specific goals
5.1 The broad and specific objectives
5.2 Specific objectives relating to products/ services

Comments if
applicable in
each section
2 3 4 Excellent
and  situation
Poor coverage of the
environmental and
situation overall; No or
inadequate information
base, no examples
cited; Too brief with
little or no focus on the
important aspects of
the situation; No
specific implications of
SWOT are presented
and discussed
      Overall, a comprehensive
coverage of the environmental
and situation analysis; An
excellent information base;
Suitable examples are cited
where appropriate; Well
organised and focused SWOT
analysis; Implications of SWOR
are well identified and analysed
with example
Goals and
Very poor
understanding of the
goals and objectives of
the company; No clear
distinction is made
between goals and
objectives; Discussions
are very general and
no or poor justification
of the objectives and
goals are provided
      Very well covered and
presented; A clear flow of
information search and well
linked to the topic of the research
project; Well organised and
directed to the goal of the
literature review.

5.3 Others (if applicable)
5.4 Specification of assumptions (if any)
Assessment Criteria
_ Adequate coverage of the tasks mentioned under the above project title
_ Demonstrated understanding and application of the international marketing plan
_ Demonstrated interpretive and analytical skills
_ Evidence of originality in terms of independence of thought
_ Demonstrated writing skills in terms of clear, concise and logical flow of ideas
_ Evidence of adequate, accurate and authentic referencing throughout the plan

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