Planning for teaching about place value and the number system Overview This assignment is based on one of the key underpinning elements of this unit, that is, a deep understanding of place value and related ‘sense-making’. The assignment will draw on information from class activities and tasks, set readings, and personal literature searches in the area. The task • What are the key elements of teaching and learning about place value that are essential for helping children make sense of, and have a deep understanding of the Base ten number system?
• What do children need to know and experience in order to develop such sense and understanding? As a guide, your assignment should contain the following elements: • Introduction – A brief description of the purpose of the paper and the issues it addresses. • Main body of paper, with appropriate headings addressing questions such as – o What is number sense, and in particular, ‘place value sense’?
o What are essential ideas that children need to learn about place value? o What misconceptions about place value and numbers might children develop and how can they be addressed or avoided? o What sorts of activities help or hinder the development of understanding? • Conclusion o What are the important points and understanding that you have drawn from your paper relating to the teaching of place value? • Reference List – please check and use appropriate APA style
• Appendix (if required) Assessment Criteria Overall your work will be assessed according to the following general criteria. • It demonstrates a capacity to reflect and react in critically relevant ways rather than merely describe. • It demonstrates a capacity to synthesise and analyse ideas and relate them to teaching practices, while also illustrating the relationship between theory and practice;
• It is supported by modern, relevant mathematics education sources that are correctly acknowledged. • It demonstrates a high standard of presentation and adheres to spelling and grammar conventions appropriate to a professional teacher. • It incorporates appropriate information from university mathematics education classes (or online tasks) and set reading. • Cut and paste style writing where sentences, quotes, and paragraphs are taken from online or paper sources and placed together without connection from an overall argument will be judged generally no more than a minimal pass.

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