Please use the necessary time to read the Plays Buried Child, True West, and familiarize yourself with all the information and links I have provided. Please see all uploaded material and references. They will give you all the specific information needed.  In regards to the sources. Should you need or require the additional usage of sources not payed for or covered within this purchase, please send me a notification and bill for the additional costs of materials and resources. Please Notify me so that I may no that my attached Sip files have successfully gone through…Please and Thank You. Use in text citations when writing this paper please.
The bibliography and or works cited page does not count as part of the 13 pages. Graciously, Michael D. Conley Paper Requirements • 13 page minimum • Typed, Double spaced, in a font size no larger than12pts., avoid any creative spacing techniques –use a 1” margin on all sides: use MLA format • This paper must be typed, not written • Insert page numbers at top of every page • College level writing is expected and must include proper grammar, sentence/paragraph structure, format and ‘flow’ of research paper • This research paper must be original. Cite any and all work; whether it is paraphrased or directly quoted. • Plagiarism is not acceptable. • This research paper must include parenthetical citation/ in-text citation and a works cited page/bibliography • You must use at least 8 sources, only 4 sources can be from the internet • Any visual research that you find to support the work in the research portion of this paper, is always encouraged –it does not count as part of the 13 typed pages. • Do not over use quotes. Only use the part of the quote that is needed and only use the quote if it is going to be discussed.
Using quotes to merely lengthen the paper is discouraged Research Sam Shepard (4 to 5 pages) Research the life and times of Sam Shepard (this does not mean report a timeline in paragraph form). Gather background information about Shepard: discover facts about his life, find interviews that reveal information about who he is, discover information about what he has said about his own work…discuss this information. This should NOT be a list of his credits: I encourage you to not use IBDB or IMDB as these are just lists of credits. This is not Sam’s bio, it is a discussion of who he is. THEN you must explain how this information relates to Buried Child and how can it help in your understanding of Buried Child –. Additional Script(s) by Sam Shepard (2 to 3 pages) As part of understanding ‘who is’ Sam Shepard, you must read another one of his plays from the following list: True West, A Lie of the Mind, Fool For Love, Curse of the Starving Class. • Briefly discuss the script: characters, synopsis, etc…
This should only be ONE paragraph; do not re-tell the story or script. • Discuss the connections between this other script and Sam Shepard and Buried Child. Use clear examples from both scripts and Sam’s life to explain all discoveries. This script does not count as one of your 8 sources. Research the script (2 to 3 pages) **Start this section with the title and author of your article. Read scholarly articles about the script Buried Child –NOT reviews or commentary about productions of Buried Child. Include a copy of the article with the paper. Summarize the article and highlight aspects from the article that were important. Discuss how this article either helped in understanding the script, or was confusing in understanding the script more, did you agree or disagree with the author, and why? The paper is required to use 1 article but can use more.
One article can count as one of your 8 sources. Research the production (2 to 3 pages) Find at least 2 production reviews of Buried Child. Include copies of these reviews with the paper. Summarize the review and highlight aspects that were important. Then discuss whether any of these reviews helped in the understanding or visualization of the script. These must be about productions of Buried Child -not commentary about the script. These reviews do not count for any of the 8 sources. Character Analysis (3 to 4 pages) Choose one character from Buried Child Identify the distinctive traits of one character, do this by making the following discoveries: Each of these 5 areas must be in the paper, formatted with a heading for each 1. Obvious features: name, age, sex, occupation 2. Stasis, intrusion and new stasis of the character (to understand these terms, the book Backwards and Forwards by; David Ball may be useful 3. What does the character want 4. What are the obstacles throughout the play for what the character wants 5. What does the character do throughout the play to get what he/she wants ** Use direct examples from the script to show the discoveries about the character** Certainly use quotes –but don’t over use quotes!! Do not type into the paper everything that is said about the character (by themselves or others), but summarize it and include specific quotes that highlight or prove important points that are being made in the paper. Character Analysis: Visual Research A minimum of 6 images. NOT part of the 3 to 4 pages for this section.
These images must be color printed and submitted with the paper. The paper will need at least 4 images for the individual character and then at least 2 images that represent their relationship with one other character in the script. Find abstract, visual representation of the character(s). Find pictures that evoke an emotional response about the character. Use color, line, texture, atmosphere, etc…NOT literal pictures of the characters but visual images that express who the character is. Each visual image MUST include a brief explanation: this could be just 1 sentence: I need to know why this picture expresses the character.

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