Correcting the chapters of Methods and result METHODS(Approximately 1000)You need to include a short section about what the literature says about: ?Literature reviews as a research methodology. ?Your thoughts on why a literature review is an appropriate methodology for your study. You should briefly discuss other research methodologies that could have been used. Then you need to state exactly how you undertook your review.
State exactly what you did about searching for your articles, critical appraisal and thematic analysis: ?How did you search the literature? ?What databases did you use? Give your reasons. ?What search terms did you use? Include your Boolean search table(s) here. ?What inclusion and exclusion criteria did you use? Give your reasons for this. ?What critiquing framework did you use? Give your reasons for this. ?What method did you use to analyse your data, e.g. thematic analysis.
Give your reasons for this. ?Discuss, with references, critiquing the literature and the variety of critiquing methods (Katrak, 2004, CASP-UK, 2014,) available for the articles you select. ?Discuss the ethical implications of conducting a literature review as a research methodology: •Ethical issues involved in using other peoples’ research findings for your own research. •The ethical need to be sure that information you use was, itself, collected ethically. •The need to be transparent in not claiming the work of others as your own. This chapter is a richly referenced (eg. Hart 1998, 2004, Aveyard, 2014) discussion of literature review as a research methodology.
In addition you will need to include individual references regarding the specific stages of a literature review.RESULTS(Approximately 1500)?How many papers did you find and what were they? RCTs? Surveys? Ethnographic studies? ?Which articles did you select for your research? Why did you choose them? Discuss this in some detail. ?Show the critiques of all your articles – these should be typed in table format and placed in the Appendices. ?Include Summary Critique Grids for each chosen article – include this within the Chapter. ?In essay format, write a summary of the findings of your critiques supporting what you write with reference to the research literature.
Classroom assessments serve as meaningful sources of information for students, teachers, and parents. These assessments reflect concepts and skills teachers emphasize in class. They are aligned with state or national standards and the teacher\’s instructional activities (Guskey, 2003). Use the questions to guide an original response and comments on the posts of at least two classmates. By your definition, what is a classroom assessment? What are examples of classroom assessments? Evaluate how well you design classroom assessments. Explain your answer with 1-2 concrete examples. You may emphasize strengths or challenge points. Create and share a brief classroom assessment. What steps did you follow in the design?

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