The term project requires you to define the scope of a project, project charter, project plan, budget, and project schedule and also undertake a risk analysis. By now, you have completed these parts of the term project, which were due throughout the course. Revise all your work using all the comments provided by the instructor, as well as feedback and learning from the discussions. Compile all your work into a final integrated plan. The following are the comments from the professor Project Charter It would have been nicer if the following items had been included in the Project Charter: 1. Project Title 2. Date of Authorization 3. Project Start Date 4. Projected Finish Date 5. Project Manager 6. Sign-off 7. Comments Scope statement I encourage you to reflect on the following to determine how you could have added more value: Project Stakeholders – Details of everyone who will be impacted by the project: those paying for it, those working in it, those supplying for it and those who will be benefited or affected by it. Project Requirements – Lists all the people, hardware, software, facilities, infrastructure, environment, etc that is required for the project to be a success. Project Deliverables – Includes all the output of the project. A wide array of output is possible and these are not limited to the end of the project. There could be deliverables at every milestone. and thanks for all your help!!!!! I also include the other works that you did for me

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