The proposal for international business venture was required to observe the following criteria. The proposal must be for establishment of a new business venture in a foreign country (outside Canada), and the assumption is that you are a Canadian entrepreneur or business operator planning this venture.
Clearly identify the product or service, and briefly describe the reasons why you think there is potential for success in launching this product in a global market.
Draw on information you learned in Module 1, as well as your background and education in business, and any travel experience that may provide you with ideas for a successful new international business venture.
The proposal should be realistic; that is, the product or service should not be pure fantasy, nor should it be immoral or illegal. You will need to find online resources, so be practical in your choice of country. While you do not have to finalize your country at this time, you will be analyzing five to seven countries in order to identify two potential host countries, one of which will be the focus of your Major Project. Take time to verify that there is sufficient data available on websites such as Industry Canada, IMF, WTO and UNDP to make the project possible. You should include the list of websites as an appendix to your proposal. Hint: Google’s public data explorer is a quick way to access many of these sites.
Note: You are required to select a location at this time but simply select the product and/or service you are considering taking off shore.
Specific comments…. You have selected… “….in the manufacturing and selling of affordable school and office supplies.”. It is an interesting choice and I will enjoy the read. If you are interested in the new industrial age — IoE — see.. Robotics, AI, Dark Factories, Drone trucks—all needed for you venture.."
I also uploaded other assignments in the files. You can review them if you need. Please let me know if you need more information or materials. Thanks.

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