PSYC 3100 Learning and Behavior Writing Assignment #1 – Classical Conditioning and Advertising Name__________________________ You are probably not aware that advertisers use CC to encourage people to purchase their products. This activity will give you the opportunity to find advertisements that try to associate feelings with products. For example, car advertisers have used pretty women in their advertisements for years in hopes that men would buy their cars because they had associated it with sexiness. Some advertisers use a different tactic, trying to associate their competitors\’ products with negative moods or feelings. Some public service announcements also do this, particularly advertisements that try to discourage people from using drugs. In the assignment that follows, please do not use any of these specific examples. First, find an advertisement in a magazine / newspaper / on television that seems to demonstrate classical conditioning within an advertisement. In the space below, please provide a link to the commercial if you can find it on youtube or please paste a picture if you find the advertisement in a magazine, newspaper, or some other print media. What product was being advertised? What is the term you would use for this element (US, UR, CS, CR, Neutral Stimulus)? What is the feeling or mood that the advertisers wanted you to associate with their product? What is the term you would use for this element (US, UR, CS, CR, Neutral Stimulus)? How was the product paired with the mood or feeling? Please describe. As best you can tell, what kind of schedule (trace, delayed, simultaneous, backward) was being used in the pairing? When you see the product as the store, what does the advertiser want you to feel? What is the term you would use for this element (US, UR, CS, CR, Neutral Stimulus)? Please map out the acquisition process by filling in the following blanks for your specific advertisement: Before Conditionoing: _______________________ ———-? ____________________ Neutral Stimulus _______________________ ———-? ____________________ US UR During Conditioning: ______________________ + _______________________ ———-? _________________________ After Conditioning: _______________________ ———-? ____________________ CS _______________________ ———-? ____________________ US Do you think you have been influenced by classical conditioning in your purchases? Why or why not?

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