Answer 10 Questions on Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America (attached) Must be Question followed by Answer layout. Using APA referencing where needed.
Q1. What do you think De Tocqueville meant when he said that the principle of association was used as a ‘weapon’ by the aristocracy, whilst democrats used it ‘to seek recognition’? Is this distinction too simplistic? Could democrats use the principle of association as a weapon too? Can you think of any contemporary examples?
Q2. According to De Tocqueville, what is freedom based on? How does he distinguish between aristocratic and democratic freedom? Why do you think this distinction is important to De Tocqueville?
Q3. How does De Tocqueville define democracy? Is this how you would have defined democracy? If not, how would you have defined it?
Q4.Why does De Tocqueville think newspapers are so important?
Q5. We are accustomed, these days, to thinking about democracy in terms of elections and forms of government. However, this course repeatedly refers to democracy as a mode of interaction and as a way of life. This seems to be a much broader conception of democracy. What are some of the implications of thinking about democracy in this way? What might be the implications for a public sphere where public solidarity might be constructed?
Q6. What does De Tocqueville mean by ‘artificial solidarity’?
Q7. Why should democrats remember the ‘utility of forms’? Q8. What is ‘self-interest rightly understood’? Where does De Tocqueville derive this idea from? Why is it so important?
Q9. What are the dangers faced by democracies, according to De Tocqueville?
Q10. De Tocqueville’s predictions for American indigenous peope were pretty dire, and were similar to predictions about Australian indigenous people. Yet both have survived as peoples. Is there something about democracy which De Tocqueville overlooks which might account for this? There are faxes for this order.

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