The topic selection (Relationship marketing theory -Evaluating Relationship marketing-­‐traditional marketing) form has to be completed than the keywords form to create the literature review. Each document builds on the other. See instructions for each project.
This is the topic selection – Relationship marketing theory -Evaluating Relationship marketing-­‐traditional marketing.
The questions have to be answered for each document below.
Literature Review
Assignment Overview
What is "The Literature?" There is no single definition for this term. The meaning of the term "literature" shifts, depending on your research question. It will always include the scholarly material most relevant to your research. "The Literature" of your dissertation may well cross and include other fields. It will frame your research question, situate it within a context and establish your research perspective.
These three concepts are key:
• Peer Reviewed Journals – Most of your dissertation citations will stem from this type of resource. Peer review is a model of academic publishing that is considered the gold standard for published, scholarly research. Articles in peer reviewed journals undergo an extra level of screening for rigor. The Library has over 50,000 peer reviewed journals, and an efficient check-box for limiting your search to these sources.
• Paywall – The majority of scholarly journals online can only be accessed via a paywall. According to Ullrichsweb, only about 8-10% of journals are published freely online. This means that the other 90%+ must be accessed via subscription resources, such as the databases in the library.
• Research Databases – Databases are electronic filing systems that organize specific collections of information. In the library, these collections are normally scholarly, peer reviewed journals. The research databases in the Databases tab of the library offer more than 50,000 different peer reviewed journal subscriptions for your research.
Note: The library databases default to the Advanced Search Screen. "It is advisable to start your search at the advanced searching option of the database rather than to undertake a basic search, as the basic search is very limited" (Aveyard, 2008).
Assignment Instructions
Use the research topic keywords you developed in the Research Topic Template and the Keyword Brainstorming Worksheet to search for peer-reviewed journal articles that support your topic, in one of the specialized research databases in the Library. You will need to find a minimum of five relevant articles. Keep track of your search strategy and use the articles you find to complete an initial literature review on your research topic.
Include the following elements in your assignment:
• Introduction: State the research topic.
• Keywords: Identify, in one sentence, the key words used in your specialization database search, both singly and in combination.
• Search Strategy: In one well-written paragraph, describe your search strategy. Identify the specialization database that you searched and why you chose it. If you changed your keywords or limits during your search, describe your search revisions and rationale.
• Literature Review: In paragraph form, discuss how the articles you identified contribute to your research literature review. Be sure to use proper in-text citations for any articles you use to support your analysis. Here are some questions to consider:
o Have they contributed new information about what is known about the topic?
o Have they contributed information about what is not yet known (a gap in the existing literature)?
o Have they confirmed or disconfirmed earlier research?
o Have they given you new questions or recommendations for further research on the topic?
o Have they led you to change your thinking on the topic?
o Have they demonstrated that the topic is or is not of interest in your specialization?
• References: List the APA-formatted references for the peer-reviewed articles you found in your key word search and used in your Literature Review. You should have a minimum of five articles. (See chapter 7 of the APA Publication Manual for reference examples). If you have already begun a reference list for your research topic literature review, be sure to add these five resources to your list.
o APA Style Central has additional guidance, examples, and tools you can use for researching, writing, and formatting your paper and for citing and referencing resources in APA style. See the APA Style and Format section of the Writing Center for instructions on accessing and using APA Style Central.
Although you are not expected to form a thorough and complete Literature Review at this early stage in your research work, it is helpful to understand what the scope of your Literature Review will include by the end of your dissertation journey. Review the Writing a Literature Review media piece, linked in the resources, to understand the scope of the Literature Review overall.
Be sure to use the resources provided, to help you with your search. Review the Literature Review Scoring Guide to ensure that you have addressed all of the grading criteria.
Aveyard., H. (2008). Doing a literature review in health and social care: A practical guide. Maidenhead, U.K: Open University Press.

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