You are to research your assigned country and write an essay addressing the elements contained in the section below. You will publish your essay so all in the class may read it. The length and level of detail is up to you; however, remember that
” this is an essay, not a term paper
” it is quality, not quantity, that counts
” most students will know little about your country
As to form, you may use any you wish. Spelling and grammar count. You MUST cite your sources. Extra points will be awarded for creativity!!
Background: Provide general background information about the country, such as
” location
” demographics
” natural resources
” government structure, monetary system, etc.
” political leader(s)
” current events; why was ththis country on the list?
” other general information relating to the country (e.g. is it an NIC?)
Discuss current events that warrant our study of this country.
” Are there ongoing internal conflicts? Are there regional or international conflicts involving this country?
o What are the causes and implications of conflict?
” Are there other conditions that are causes for concern/study?
o Political issues (governance, sovereignty, etc.)
o Economic issues
o Social issues
o Human rights issues
” Is the international community involved in the country’s issues?
” How effective is the current political leadership?


It’s crystal ball time
” What does the future hold for this country? Be specific.

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