Topic:Research Paper: Evaluating Strategies Change: This research paper explore a topic issue concern women Canada evaluates potential strategies improving working lives. Begin choosing a topic explore greater depth, Examples – sexual harassment, globalization, -employment, child care policy, greater recognition women\’s unpaid work.


Research Paper: Evaluating Strategies of Change:
This research paper will explore a particular topic or issue that is of concern to women in Canada and evaluates potential strategies for improving their working lives.
Begin by choosing a topic to explore in greater depth, Examples – sexual harassment, globalization, self-employment, child care policy, or greater recognition for women’s unpaid work.
Use the following questions as guidelines in researching and writing this paper.

1. What is the general issue are you addressing, and why is it important? What is the current state of the problem? What strategies, if any, have been pursued to date in dealing with it?
2.What major insights emerge with respect to this issue?what are the most important findings?
3. Through research on this topic or issue, what relevant resources and/or organizations did you identify? What type of work have these organizations done on this issue? How much interest and attention is it receiving? What strategy or strategies are individuals, organizations, or governments pursuing to improve the situation? Describe what is involved in each of these strategies.
4. Based on your reading and research, how would you evaluate the strategy or strategies that you have described? What are their respective strengths and weaknesses? In your view, do they promise to improve the working lives of women? If not, what other options should be pursued?
The research paper should convey your major findings and suggest answers to the above questions.

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