evaluate and re-design the environment of THREE restaurants. 1. Each student will submit their proposed restaurants and subsequent proposals cannot match. 2. Choose THREE restaurants (one from each category, below) by the second week of class- You must upload on DROPBOX FINAL PROJECT – Proposed RESTAURANTS and wait for my approval – you may have to resubmit: 3. EVALUATION of EACH restaurant YOU MUST UPLOAD on DROPBOX FINAL PROJECT -REPORT REPORT – submit as ONE document – 20 points i. Introduction – public health problem – how restaurants can contribute to obesity Use government websites and recent (past 5 years) peer-reviewed journals to support your statements. (2.5 points) ii. Title page for each restaurant – include location FOR EACH RESTAURANT (5 points/restaurant x 3 = 15 points) iii. Using recent (past 5 years) peer-reviewed original research: at least THREE recent peer-reviewed articles per restaurant (2013 -2018) TWO appropriate government websites. (or FOUR recent articles and ONE government website). USE THE FOLLOWING SUBTITLES for Each restaurant: ENVIRONMENT Describe the environment in terms of visual: placement of eating areas and food signs, special displays; audio (music and background noises, and smells (try of food smells that predominates the air). Support how the set-up/environment of the restaurant encourages eating high-calorie foods. If there are any set-ups that encourage eating in moderation or eating healthy foods, discuss these and support your claims with peer-reviewed original research. SUGGESTIONS TO IMPROVE PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT Make TWO detailed suggested improvements for the set-up (physical environment) that would encourage healthy eating and explain how these improvements could help prevent obesity. Use peer-reviewed original research and government websites to support your strategies. MENU MODIFICATIONS Choose lunch menu (or standard for diner and fast food) and make THREE suggestions for each restaurant for their menu (recipe modification and placement) that they could reasonable do without changing the price. If there is a child’s menu, make at least ONE of the article modifying this menu. Use government websites and professional nutrition organizations to support your modifications iv. Conclusion – 2.5 points (one or two paragraphs) strategies for restaurants to help reduce obesity that worked using peer-reviewed articles and government websites v. Citations must be in your report and a list of references must be provided in full using a standard format: AMA, APA, ASA, …etc. CHOSE ONE RESTAURANT FROM EACH CATEGORY Fast Food – Fast Food offers the fastest speed and lowest overall prices; the food is not made to order, it is batch cooked or pre-made and held for the customer (to ensure speed). In Fast Food, the food is ordered at a walk up cash register and/or drive through window, and typically served in a packaged form for take-out/take-away. Seating is often available but table service is not provided. CHOOSE: MCDONALDS Fast Casual- Fast casual refers to a type of restaurant that does not offer full table service but offers made-to-order food, the food is generally customizable, promises a higher quality of food and atmosphere at a slightly higher price than a fast food restaurant. Some fast casual restaurants may bring your order to your table and/or serve alcoholic beverages. CHOOSE: CHIPOTLE Casual Dining – Such restaurants offer full table service in a casual environment. CHOOSE: CHEESECAKE FACTORY The report should be in 12-font with normal margins (1” top, bottom, left, right) and should be 8-12 pages, depending on your writing style. A minimum of 8 peer-reviewed articles, with a minimum of 12 total references (can use government websites and appropriate organizations, dietary, medical…).

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