Research Paper on Titian and his the painting Charles V on Horseback 1. Weave the information from Part I of outline into this introduction of the artist. NOTE THE UNIQUENESS OF YOUR TITIAN. WHAT MAKES HIM DIFFERENT OR SPECIAL? MAKE THIS THE THESIS IN PARAGRAPH ONE. 2. Use part II of the research outline. Discuss the genre that best describes the artist\’s unique style. Did his style develop from and earlier experimentation to a more settled approach? What is he best know for? What were some of his techniques? Did he develop a new approach? Did he resist the accepted style of his era? Define any terms that denote his style. 3. Use part II of the outline. Discuss the early life, parental influence, and mentors of your artist. Where did he learn to paint? What early influences contributed to his pursuit of art? Who helped him most to become the painter he was? What religious worldview might be evident in his art? Was he a secularist? 4. use part IV of the outline. What were his adult years like? Was he successful as a painter. For whom did he work? What were his struggles? How did the art world respond to his style? How did ordinary people respond to him? 5. use part V of the outline. What were his contributions to the art world? what were his greatest works? What awards did he receive? What was his special quality that made his work memorable? INCLUDE IN THIS PARAGRAPH A QUOTATION THAT BEST SUMMARIZES HIS WORK, HIS CONTRIBUTIONS TO ART, OR HIS PHILOSOPHY ABOUT ART. OUTLINE I. Details about the painting A. People or objects in the painting 1. elaborate on history surrounding 2. explain the importance of details B. Where painted C. When painted D. Location today E. Estimated value of selected painting II. Genre of art evident in this painting A. Artistic era in which painting fell B. Style and techniques of this genre and/or artist 1. Special terminology 2. Special developments C. Cultural or religious influence III. Life of the Titian A. Childhood years B. Education C. Mentors who developed or encouraged him D. Adult years 1. Life as an artist 2. Other careers E. Contributions 1. To art world 2. To culture in general F. Quotations concerning Titian 1. His own statements about art 2. Others\’ statements about his contributions to art Sources Provided will be emailed USE NOTE TAKEN THAT WILL BE EMAILED Need this written in MLA format to help me be able to write my paper that way MUST CITE Any claim that could be challenged. Somebody\’s quote A specific claim that is not common knowledge Paraphrase information from a source expert opinions Statistics or measurements

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