Write 4 arguments. I have decided what are the 3 arguments ,so you need to find out one more argument.
First argument: Animal experimentations have helped researchers to find numerous cures and medications to human life.
Second argument: Animals are similar to humans in many points of view.
Third argument: Animals themselves can get the advantage from Animal experimentations.
And you have to write counteragent and refutation.I will upload the outline format.
NOTE:* don’t use high academic words because I’m ESL student and still learning English.
*Use academic sources.
Questions you should ask yourself:

  • Who is my audience? –—-This would be me (Duygu) and your friends in your class. You are going to write about a topic that is interesting to you, but you should make I interesting for us too. Also, when you are writing, you should not make it very technical, and you should not use a lot of technical terms because we are new to your topic. Therefore, you should have enough information (that is background) at the introduction for us to be better able to understand your purpose and your intention in writing this paper.)
  • What is my purpose? —- We need to understand what your purpose is and you need to know what your purpose is as it will determine your tone (in this case, your purpose is to convince us that your argument is right, and your tone should be persuasive.
  • An introductory paragraph can be 1 or 2 (sometimes 3 paragraphs depending on the topic) paragraphs.
    • You should have a dramatic introduction to the topic to draw your readers’ attention.
    • You should end with a thesis statement that provides your claim/argument and the reasons for your position on issue.
    • Your thesis statement (s) is usually located at the end of your introduction paragraph. It should be clearly stated and it should often contain emphatic language (e.g., should, ought to, must)
    • Your introductory paragraphs should include definition of any new terms (scientific, legal, engineering term, or etc,) OR explanation of key theories that will help the reader to understand your argument.


    • You should have at least 3 arguments in your paper. Each argument should be supported with outside sources (academically reliable sources- research articles and texts), Generally your start with a general statement (similar to topic sentence) indicating your claim, then you back up this argument/claim with specific details and examples. Depending on how long your argument is, you will need to devote one to two well-developed paragraphs to each reason/ claim or type of evidence.
  • Types of evidence include:  
    • First hand examples and experiential knowledge on your topic (specific examples to help your readers connect to your topic)
    • Opinions from recognized authorities (you will need to summarize, paraphrase or quote important authorities) [I am expecting to see many examples of this in your research paper]
  • You should have at least 2 counter argument paragraphs. The purpose of counterargument paragraphs is to anticipate your reader’s objections. It can be stated in 1 paragraph or 2 separate paragraphs. The question you should ask yourself is “what possible argument might my readers pose against my argument/ my reasoning?”. You should provide evidence for your counter argument. The hardest part of this paragraph is to REFUTE IT. You should REFUTE each counterargument and provide evidence for it.

*Your conclusion paragraph can be 1 or 2 paragraphs depending on how you want to organize it. Regardless of the number of paragraphs, your conclusion paragraph should include:
Part 1: In one paragraph, you remind the readers your argument and supporting evidence. Also, you should restate your overall claim and supporting evidence.
Part 2: * Explain the significance of your claim (explain why your claim is important) ;

  • What information should we take away from your claim?
  • This final paragraph should answer the question “SO WHAT?”.


The questions you should ask yourself:

  1. Did I include all the sources into my list of bibliography?
  2. Did I use APA style for my in-text citations and list of bibliography?
  3. Did I write my paper in APA Format (Size, font, indents, spaces, etc)



  • Background information: (few sentences)
Body paragraphs:

  • First argument (full sentence)
  • evidence that support your claim with facts and examples
  • evidence that support your claim with facts and examples
  • Second argument (full sentence)
  • evidence that support your claim with facts and examples
  • evidence that support your claim with facts and examples
  • Third argument (full sentence)
    • evidence that support your claim with facts and examples
    • evidence that support your claim with facts and examples
  • COUNTERARGUMENT (Full sentence)
    • Evidence that support counterargument with facts and examples.
  • REFUTATION (Full sentence)
  • Evidence that support your refutation with facts and examples.

  • Summary of your points (full sentence)
  • So what conclusion (Full sentence)
List of bibliography
* You should provide a tentative bibliography