I want to re-write my essay which I did before in your web site I nedd some changes for the same topic . I attach the Part which I need to change it, I hope the same writer to re write it Pls. Family strengths In a table format, using a strengths-based approach, identify the key strengths evident in your chosen family case scenario. Briefly describe how two of these strengths could support this family.
2. The Smooli family and issues of child maltreatment and neglect. Merridy Smooli is a 23 year old single parent of Joe, aged 4 years and Ray, aged 2 ½ years. Their father Tony Jacobsen, aged 31 years sees the boys when they come and stay with him every second weekend. Tony lives with his a new partner, Alicia who has a daughter, Heidi aged 7 years. Merridy lives in a two bedroom duplex and works two days a week as a hairdresser nearby. While she works the boys attend a day care centre just around the corner.
Merridy’s brother, Max and sister-in-law, Jude live 30 minutes’ drive away and invite Merridy and the boys over for dinner at least once every two weeks. Merridy brings Joe and Ray to the health clinic for Ray’s 2 ½ year old routine wellchild check. While you are taking a history to gather information about how Ray’s health has been since the last visit a year ago you observe that both Joe and Ray seem watchful, are irritable and clinging to their mother more than previously. While conducting the Denver developmental assessment it appears that Ray is not hearing well in his left ear and he is unable to speak in short sentences. During examination, Ray is very reluctant to let the nurse examine his ears using an otoscope even when shown on his teddy. He frequently looks to Joe seeking reassurance.
The nurse notices some scarring of what appear to be lacerations in his scalp especially close to his left ear. He also has some tenderness and swelling on his scalp and left lower jaw as well as some yellow bruises on his upper back that resemble a reverse adult hand print. When asked how he sustained these injuries Merridy expressed surprise and became upset and agitated explaining that Ray returned from his visit to his father last weekend with the ‘marks on his back’. She reported that the children both return with marks or cuts ‘quite often’. I need to use the 8 family strength in the table •Togetherness •Sharing activities •Affection •Support •Communication •Acceptance •Commitment •Resilience

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