The goal of this assignment is for students to successfully identify and discuss rhetorical appeals (logos, pathos, and ethos) when analyzing a multimodal composition. During this unit, you have been developing your understanding of rhetoric and its place in the academic field.

This custom written paper provides you with a chance to articulate your comprehension of rhetorical principles and the use of persuasion in visual media. In this assignment, you will need to identify and analyze the rhetorical appeals found within the selected movie trailer. Remember-we are NOT analyzing the film, just the trailer.

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You will only select ONE of the theatrical trailers on which you will base your analysis. It would be wise to select a trailer that interests you, since you will be reviewing it multiple times in order to create your composition. The assignment for Unit 3 draws upon the critical techniques employed in Units 1 and 2 and culminates in your 3-4 page rhetorical analysis essay based upon the following criteria:

Demonstrate how logos, pathos, and ethos employed by the creators of the trailer
Create a clear and defensible thesis statement and support it throughout the analysis
Describe the intended audience for the trailer (demographic)
Discuss the effectiveness of the message presented in the trailer
Explain how the music, dialogue, and special effects impact the trailer
Address some specific design elements of the trailer using terms from your textbook and class lectures (for instance: balance, hue, saturation, brightness)

The movie trailer that I have selected is Prisoners, directed by Dennis Villeneuve and screenplay by Aaron Guzikowski.