This needs to be a Rhetorical Analysis of The Declaration of Independence.
ONLY REFERENCING THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. This is not an opinion paper. With this type of essay, your focus needs to be on the author\’s rhetorical strategies; what the argument is, how it was made, and how effective it was or wasn\’t for its audience. You need to develop your own claim/thesis statement(not the same as the author\’s thesis or claim) that serves as an evaluative statement.

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You must correctly use all of the following terms, argument, claim, reasons, evidence, rebuttal, logos, ethos, pathos, and kairos, throughout your analysis as appropriate. You must develop each of your main ideas fully.
For example if you say that the author appeals to Pathos provide examples from the text and then discuss each of those examples extensively. Each paragraph should have one fully developed main idea introduced with a clear topic sentence. You don\’t have to cover absolutely every angle of analysis for the essay.

Focus on what is most important.
The paper needs to be written entirely in 3rd person Any time you use 3+ words in a row from the argument, you must put those words in quotation marks and cite the page you found it on in a parenthetical citation at the end of the sentence.
Required Structure
Paragraph 1 : an introduction that introduces the author and title of the argument in the first 1-3 sentences, provides the context and a very short summary of the argument, that leads to your thesis and that states your thesis. You should not include the arguments claim reasoning evidence or rebuttal in this paragraph.
Paragraph 2 : A body paragraph that analyzes the argument\’s appeals to logos, focusing on its logical structure- claim reasoning, evidence, and rebuttal. Paragraph 3: A body paragraph that analyzes the arguments appeals to ethos.
Paragraph 4: A body paragraph that analyzes the arguments appeals to Pathos( you can refer to the arguments warrant again for an example)
Paragraph 5: A body paragraph that analyzes the arguments appeals to Kairos.
Paragraph 6: A paragraph that sums up your essay by providing an overview on how effective the argument would have been for its audience and possibly reflecting on the arguments continued importance. (just be careful not to shift into opinion)