With the exception of the Syria portion of question 1, which is in the news, all information is in the texts. Of course, since you are simply explaining what is in the texts, looking elsewhere won’t help you anyway. If you have discussed something in one answer that you want to bring up in another answer, just reference it (write something like, “discussed in greater detail in question x”); no need to write something more than once.
1) Summarize how the following case would be explained by a) an offensive realist, b) a defensive realist, and c) a classic realist: Russian-US relations surrounding Syria today. Be sure to be VERY clear in distinguishing each version of realism from the others.
2) Summarize why Gilpin calls realism a worldview, touching on the main ideas of Morgenthau and Thucydides.
3) Compare how Lakatos describes theory testing with the way Waltz describes it. How are they similar/different? Which do you prefer and why?
4) Using the concepts of competition and socialization to anchor your analysis, explain what Waltz means when he writes that a structure “may designate a compensating device that works to produce a uniformity of outcomes despite the variety of inputs.”
5) What does it mean to say that a theory is “useful”? How should one approach the question of determining the relevance and value of a theory (theory-testing), according to Waltz?
6) Discuss how these five concepts inter-relate within realist theory: rationality, power, prudence, security, pessimism.
7) Define the following three terms and explain their significance: auxiliary hypothesis, reductionism, anarchy. 8) Why do neorealists such as Waltz insist that only a structural argument can explain the core dynamics ofinternational relations? How does systemic analysis shape their theory? — (((All papers must be turned in using Safe Assign so… you know…))) Books: Dunne, kurki, smith. International RelationsTheories, 2nd edition ISBN:9780199548866 Robert O. Keohane, ed., Neorealism and Its Critics ISBN:0231063482 ISBN:0231063490

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