Please reflect on your selected research direction and find (using Web of Science or ProQuest for example) three papers (ideally from top-ranked journals) that used multi-item constructs and exploratory factor analysis. Read these papers and reflect on the readings assigned for this week. Address the following points in a synthesized set of paragraphs.
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1.What are the measured multi-item constructs/ latent variables? Give example items or the full scales
2.Why did the authors need to use EFA?
3.Comment on the validity of these constructs
4.Could the authors do a better job finding and measuring these constructs?
•Please organize your paper in a scholarly way. Add section titles when necessary. Explain your logic and when appropriate, use external sources and use proper citations.
•The paper is usually between 3 and 10 pages long.
Assignment Expectations
1.Able to understand multi-items scale generation and validity assessment procedures in research.
2.Able to effectively and efficiently describe multi-items scales and their aspects of validity.
3.Write research reports with clarity, depth and critical thinking.
4.Completeness and coherence: Chain of thought is easy to follow.
5.Collected relevant evidences and consulted additional papers/resources to support the propositions.
6.Paper is clearly written with appropriate format. Reference list is complete. Citation is properly done.

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