Cloud Computing Security issues INTRODUCTION
I. Cloud computing services truly presents itself as an exciting and innovative method to store and use data on the internet. A. What are some of the concerns that relate to Cloud Computing? 1. Cloud Computing Security? 2. Which company should I allow to store my data? II. Who uses cloud technology, and how does it benefit them. A. How does Cloud computing affect large businesses? B. How does Cloud computing affect small businesses? C. How does Cloud computing affect home users?
BODY I. Let’s compare security issues for each one of these users. A. Are the concerns between them the same? B. Lets discuss the main concerns. C. List and discuss some major concerns with Cloud Technology: • Cyber-attacks and hacking of sensitive information • Illegal local network access from cloud services. • Stolen information from cloud computing employees. • Attacks from other customers • Adherence and compliance of providers tosecurity standards. • Data loss • Data Segregation from other customers. • Security culture among providers. • Evolving threats that may target clouds. CONCLUSION paragraph I.Privacy and security is a must to protect single users and organizations when dealing with Cloud Technology. II. With the user and the big organizations concerns mitigated: A. The user can continue on with their daily tasks, both personal and professional. B. The big organizations can continue on with the mission and money making goals.
1. You just received a brand new computer for your home environment. It comes with the latest Operating System. You also have an Internet Service Provider where you can easily use the existing network to connect to the Internet and to perform some online banking. Describe the steps you plan to go through to ensure this system remains as secure as possible. Be sure to discuss the details of firewall settings you plan to implement within your operating system, browser privacy settings, and recommended software (e.g., Anti-virus and others) you will install.
Also, describe your password strength policy you plan to adopt, and what you envision to do to ensure your online banking site is encrypted and using the proper certificates. Discussion of operating system patches and application updates should also be included. As you discuss these steps, be sure to justify your decisions bringing in possible issues if these steps are not followed. You can discuss this for a specific type of computer (e.g. MAC or PC) to make the scenario more appropriate for your environment.
2. Your son, who just turned 13, wants to join Facebook and post his picture and contact information on the site. Assuming, you are willing to allow him to have a Facebook account, describe what types of guidelines you would discuss with him to ensure hisprivacy and security are protected. Be sure to justify your decisions by describing possible issues if your guidelines are not followed. Prepare a well-written paper, no more than 10 pages in length, addressing each of the above scenarios. Be sure to clearly separate the scenarios into separate sections of the paper. Only one paper is needed to address both scenarios.

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