Your boss has asked you to prepare a security policy for your organization addressing a new option he wants to pilot – Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). He wants to allow users to use their own laptops and cell phones for work purposes.
Research issues associated with BYOD. Your deliverable for this assignment consists of two parts. 1) The first is a one-page issues identification paper for your boss. Write a minimum of a one-page (double-spaced) paper on the issues (most papers will be two-pages in length) identifying at least 10 potential security and other concerns associated with BYOD. Be certain that this paper is properly cited and do not address just mobile security issues – address issues associated with BYOD. 2)
As you know that your boss is going to do whatever he wants, regardless of your concerns, prepare a BYOD policy for the organization that identifies at least 10 controls to the concerns that you raise in the paper (be certain to use \”strong\” policy language) to which you expect users to adhere. Use the template provided to you in the Course Content section and be certain that you address all of the sections in the template (remove the yellow highlights).
Additional sample policy template can be found on the SANS website here: Note that these are checked for plagiarism with SafeAssign, so cite your sources and do NOT copy material in from other policies that you find online. This assignment is due on Sunday, 24 September by 11:59pm. Late papers will be marked down 25% per day. A rubric has been provided that will be used to grade these papers.

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