1- core competencies: Employing quality improvement techniques. 2- Name ONE (KSA) Knowledge, Skills, and Attributes related to the specific core competency you chose above: using evidence to guide your practice. 3- Create ONE leadership development goal that is in the SMART goal format. You practiced this in the Week 3 Discussion, and received valuable feedback from your instructor and peers. Please consider this as you work on this assignment. Week 3 Discussions As a surgical nurse at a SNF, I care for many different patients on a day to day basis. The geriatric population for instance, many of them are at great risk for fall, due to unsteady gait, age, side effects of medications, mental status or disease process. Many of our patients are within the age group 75- 90 years old have a history of fall in their record. My facility has implemented a \”high risk for fall\” precaution in order to tackle the problem head on. In the month of September, we had a total of 10 falls on my unit. My smart goal is applying quality improvement techniques, within the next 30 days, to reduce the falls to zero. As stated in Finkelman, \”measuring care to determine quality and implementing strategies to improve patient care and critical processes in all types of health care delivery systems\”. (2012, p.469). S – Specific (Who is involved in the goal, what is the goal, where will it take place?): Me the student M – Measurable (How are you going to achieve the goal?) Be specific with measureable outcomes. A – Attainable (What resources and/or experts are available to assist you with attaining your goal?): choose 2 articles or journals that support your R – Realistic (Is this goal something that is realistically obtainable in professional practice?) T – Time bound (What specific dates or weeks will you accomplish each task of your goal achievement?) guidelines and directions for this paper will be uploaded in the control panel. Please pay close attention to the guidelines because this is the second time this paper is being written.

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