Our focus is on Social cognitive theory literature review narrative (3-4 pages) not including references.To present your findings from your literature review- more specifically YOUR intepretation of these findings. Your narrative will have 3 main SECTIONS as outlined below.
1. 1st Half: Briefly describe the chosen theory and the reason why it was selected for the assignment. (a). What drew your attention (b) Likes/dislikes 2nd Half: Brief description of the Ten(10) articles that were selected for inclusion(Do not list them of one by one) Do describe them in terms of how many PRIMARY sources Vs Secondary sources: How many research articles Vs practice articles: The spectrum of content area: The spectrum of population etc. 2. BODY(approx 1-2 pages) One to two paragraphs: Literature review process: Describe the process of the literature review- which database were explored, which key words were used etc.
Describe challenges and successes that you had while conducting the research. Your interpretation of the 10 articles you selected. (ii). What do the articles tell you about how the THEORY has been applied in research practices? Does it work better with certain population or with certain behavior. How was the theory used to CHANGE behavior.( Discuss them collectively) 3. CONCLUSION:(1/2-1page).
What needs to be done (i) Is there a population/setting/topic area that has not been explored? (ii) Are there any recommendations from your articles that you feel are significant? (iii) Is the theory too limited or is there an opportunity for growth or expansion? (v) Your Last point should focus on where as a professional in the field can make contribution.
Focus: Strategic Planning Implications Concerning Resource Allocation and Capital Budgeting Decisions Instructions: Select 1 of the 2 techniques/concepts discussed in your Discussion Board Forum 2 thread and develop a real-world application paper. Select a company that you work for now or have worked for in the past, or a company in your community of which you have sufficient knowledge.
Show how the selected technique/concept would be applied to that particular business in its strategic allocation of financial resources in the area of capital budgeting decisions. Your paper must be in current APA format and must include references from at least 7 peer-reviewed journal articles. The paper must be at least 5–7 pages, not including the title page and reference page. Submit your Real World Application Paper 2 by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Saturday of Module 2/Week

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