Social Media and Mobile Technology Influence and Impact on Nowadays Chinese Society) Nowadays, online shopping become more and more popular, you can buy almost everything through internet, more and more people prefer stay at home browsing the internet instead of going to the crowded mall and standing in the long waiting line to get fitting room. And the online shopping system become more and more convenient, functional and effective. This research paper will generally talk about the in-store shopping environment in China 10 years ago, and describe how the online shopping system changed through the 10 years. The main point is analyzing how Mobile & Internet shopping experience influence from young generation to almost every age of people in China, and also it brings more job opportunity. ( I will attach the Final Research Paper Requirement Sheet, Please check it out)
ZARA & SPRINT Compare and contrast each store based on price, quality, appearance, customer service, customer engagement, product offering, customer and employee, diversity, social mediapresence, brand, website, customer feedback.
There are many similarities and differences between social mediaand reality. Compare and contrastsocial media and real life
You can look at the similarities, differences (or both) between socialmedia and reality. Your thesis will state 3 points of comparison between social media and reality. – paragraph 1 you use one paraphrase based on articles – paragraph 2 you use one quote based on article – paragraph 3 the same para 1
Social media as evidence in employment law cases involving staffing, recruitment, and selecting employees

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