Write a 2000 word essay on the social problem of poverty In your essay you will show knowledge of the relevant sections of your 3 course texts. You will provide supporting examples from the 3 texts and utilize the APA citation style. Your essay must include all of the following elements: 1. evidence of the social problem: both quantitative and qualitative 2. a discussion of the causes or social roots of the problem 3. a discussion of the broad scale social consequences of the problem 4. an overview of at least three policy solution options for this social problem 5. your own argument in favour of one particular policy option for the problem Textbooks: – Lorne Tepperman and Josh Curtis, Social Problems: A Canadian Perspective, OUP, 2015 – 4e – James A. Crone, How Can We Solve Our Social Problems? Sage, 2016 – 3e – Jennifer Ball and Lorne Tepperman, The Stacked Deck: An Introduction to Social Inequality, OUP, 2016

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