Assignment Task 1.
For this task you are expected to use an established organisation of your choice (or a business unit) as a case study. Please note, you will need to have access to the business organisational structure and other relevant data as required
Develop a change management strategy, considering the organisation stakeholders. You should follow the first 6 steps of the 8-step model propose by Kotter. a. Create a sense of urgency (i.e. evaluate the internal and external factors of change for your organisation) b. Build a coalition (i.e. identify change agents and analyse their characteristic and attributes) c. Form a vision (i.e. develop your goals and broad strategy) d. Communicate the vision (i.e. select relevant tools and techniques to implement the changes and create an implementation plan, including monitoring measures) e. Remove obstacles (i.e. identify possible resistance from various stakeholder and potential risks associated with the change process as well as possible strategies to manage resistance) f. Create short term wins (i.e. identify short term SMART goals)
Delivery and Submission:
1x Strategic Change Plan document (circa 4000 words)
Assignment Task 2
With reference to one or more organisation of your choosing that went through an unsuccessful change.
a. Using change theories, tools and techniques evaluate the changes that the organisation went through, and evaluate the effectiveness of the change agents
b. Critically analyse the relationship between leadership and change agents, in particular analyse the roles of various departments involved in the implementation of the change
c. Reflect on the relationship between management and organisational change
Delivery and Submission:
1x essay (circa 1000 words)

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