The purpose of this assignment is to help students understand the strategic business terminology (vision, mission, goals, objectives, specific objectives, internal and external scanning), to recognize the components of a strategic plan and to be familiar with the core information and steps needed to create a strategic plan. Furthermore, this assignment allows students to recognize the difference between strategic planning and strategic management.
Assignment Steps Write a 700-word analysis in which you complete the following: Describe and define the primary components of the Strategic Management Process. Describe and define internal and external analysis. Describe and define the responsibilities and duties of the Strategic Manager. Explain why companies need strategic management planning. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Cultural influence
Which cultural influence do you feel will constitute the greatest challenge for management as it relates to maintaining a functional organizational culture? Why do you think so?
A.      Generational change (millennials)
B.      Artificial Intelligence (robotics)
C.      eCommerce (the age of the Internet)
D.      Globalization (technology-driven solutions) ********
Important Note: – Use information from your readings (Chapter 15) to support your responses. – Everyone to put themselves in the managers/ or top level executive role. – Try to relying on the text from the book, as well as, your personal experiences. – – Interpreting the text from your book is the key part and applying it to the real world.

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