• BOOK Feldman, R., O.W.E.R Learning: Strategies for Success in College and Life, CTC Custom, 7th Edition, McGraw-Hill.

Read Chapters 1&2 from the above book and then complete option 1 below
Option 1 –  our text mentions several guidelines for setting goals.  List three that are most important to you.  Complete “Try It!” 2 “What are your Goals?” (Chapter 1).  Identify one of your long-term goals and two related short-term goals.  Define motivation.  Why is having a “growth” mindset beneficial for students?
Read Chapters 3 from the above book and then complete option 1 below
Option 1 – Identify and describe the four different types of receptive learning styles.  Indicate a learning strategy for each type of receptive learning style.  Complete the “Try It!” 1 “What’s Your Receptive Learning Style?” (Ch. 3) assessment.  Indicate what your main receptive learning style is according to this assessment.  Were you surprised by the results?  Explain
Read Chapters 4&5 from the above book and then complete option 2below
Option 2 – Explain how tests are useful.  How someone does on a test depends upon a number of considerations.  Identify three of these considerations.  What type of test question do you prefer and why?  Complete the “Try It!” 1 “Measure Your Test-taking Style” (Chapter 5).  Describe two strategies to deal with test anxiety.
Read Chapters 6&7 from the above book and then complete option 3 below
Option 3 – Your text mentions many strategies to garner your audience’s attention at the beginning of speaking publicly. Identify five of these tips and describe two that you might use in preparing your next oral presentation.  What do you perceive as your greatest strength and your greatest weakness in giving an oral presentation? What might you do to improve?
Read Chapters 8&9 from the above book and then complete option 3 below
Complete “Try It!” 3 “Choose Your Courses.” Post your response to the following questions:

  1. What courses are you enrolling in for next semester? Biology for non science majors and Liberal Studies capstone. These 2 classes are all that I need to complete my BA
  2. Indicate if they are required courses or electives.
  3. Are there any prerequisites required, if so for which classes?  In addition, post your responses to the questions after the chart for “Try It!” 3 (Chapter 8).


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