Write three of the Whole System Design elements (summarised here), explain why they are important, and discuss the potential they have to transform an aspect of your work place or sector of interest. Include one example of best practice that you can observe in your sector ( an example paper is uploaded to as a guide line) – Element 1: Ask the Right Questions – Element 2: Design and Optimise the Whole System – Element 3: Model the System writing requirements 1- Academic writing. 2- You have completed this task exceptionally, with: 1- comprehensive understanding of the project 2- comprehensive understanding of each member’s contribution and input 3- You have completed this task exceptionally, with: 1- evidence of detailed data and information records . 2- detailed examples of sustainable practice that are relevant 4- You demonstrate through your writing: 1- a comprehensive, well presented response to the brief that is appropriate for the audience

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