The topic of my research is ” The need of Svarovski’s customer in the digital world †. Please kindly write up the literature review related to my topic.  After I read through the work , I just want to make sure that
1. Please ensure that you focus on the information of “Swarovski brand†more than prefer to say just luxury brands. 2. Pdf. Files which I have uploaded for you helps understanding of the work. You may use some of them in my literature review as you wish but please DO NOT copy them as it may cause plagiarism. The main criteria is to “complete a review of literature in 3 academic areas related to the topic†.
I already attached my proposal to guide you for the direction and scope of my work However, my proposal was not link to the Swarovski’s brand yet, my research focuses on Swarovski’s brand, so please kindly use the previous study which related to Swarovski’s brand.
Please kindly use the previous study of three themes below: 
- Emotional Brand Engagement 
(how the target as urban UK females20-30 years old influences the direction of emotional and rational driven as well as the relationships and identities of individual communities leading customers toward the purchase.) –
The Experiential marketing for fashion branding

 (Impact of fashion influences on lifestyle such as Catwalk stories, fashion magazines and consumer behavior to Swarovski brand) eg. Socialmedia – Integration marketing communication (IMC)
 (how Swarovski use IMC to communicated with their customer, which tools and methods which they use) In every themes, please link as much as you can with Swarovski.
Honestly, I have my colleagues that order at the same time, so now I expect that I will not see the similar pattern from my colleagues. However, please kindly meet all above criteria which I mentioned above. There are faxes for this order.

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