Key Assignment Create a SWOT analysis final draft to assess the strategic position and changes in the external environment with respect the Farm Service Agency. Identify 1 public policy managed through your organization to include in your evaluation, and complete the following: Summarize history of the context (purpose) of the organization in society. Summarize relevant facts pertaining to the relation of the problem or issue as it relates to a certain (current within the last 5 years) public policy. Choose 1 public administrative theory (normative theory, theory of justice, perfectionism, spillover effect, or bureaucratic ethics) and describe how it fits into the current policy situation. Summarize alternatives, suggested changes, and recommendations to solve the problem or issue to effectively ensure high organizational (leadership/employee) performance and management as well as overall positive social change or impact with regard to goods or service delivery (as related to your SWOT analysis chart). Use the following questions to assist in the design of your SWOT analysis chart: Strengths What are the organization’s qualities that enable it to accomplish its mission? What are the distinct features that give the organization its consistency? What are the human competencies, process capabilities, financial resources, services, customer goodwill, and brand loyalty? Does the organization have a niche in creativity or innovation? How does your organization carry out the policy rather than another? Weaknesses What areas are in need of improvement? What necessary expertise or manpower is currently lacking? What depreciating factors must be considered (equipment, facilities, research and development) that may have an adverse impact on the organization? Do you think the public policy of interest will limit or reduce its creativity or innovative practices, if any? Opportunities What external changes present interesting opportunities? What political trends might impact your organization? Is there talent located elsewhere that you might be able to acquire? Is there an unmet need or want that you can fulfill? Are there trends emerging that you can service? Threats Are your key staff satisfied in their work? Could they be poached by another organization? What if there is a natural or political disaster? How will this affect your organization? What technology changes can impact the organization? What if your Web site is hacked? What if you are sued? Project Requirements Your paper must be 5–6 pages References in APA format Include a summary of explanations and responses to questions Include a SWOT analysis design chart

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