1. What is said about Arabs and terrorism is about the idea of terrorism and what some and think
    about what people think about international people
    2. The execution of Timothy McVeigh was a very good documentary about the terrorist and 1995
    Oklahoma City bombings.
    3. ELF terrorists are trying to support a cause and they are also supporters of environmentalism.
    4. Sociology of Terrorism is about society has changed since terrorism is a part of our lives and
    since 9/11
    5. Wahhabism is about the strict followings of Islam from many people and how everyone should
    follow Islam according to their religion
    6. Political Islam is about the idea of some people seeing Islam as a political idea when it is in
    reality a religion. It is also about politics and religion and how they are related and are separate.
    7. Prairie Fire is a political statement of the group called the Weather Underground.
    8. Psychology of Terrorism is about what you think about when they are doing terrorism
    9. The Four Modern Waves of Terrorism are the creation of the doctrine, mostly successful in the
    new language excessive internationalism, how unique and how long
    10. Terror from the Right was about the idea of terror being from anyone and any background

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