Topic:Terrorism and National Policy


Use citations and footnotes for the paper and include these. Times New Roman 12 font. Chicago Turabian MUST ADD PAGE NUMBERS to ALL citations. Both essays MUST have citations and resources. The preferred style is endnotes. Enter the reference in the paper in parentheses and then provide the citation at the end. Documents and readings will be uploaded except for this book I do not have an electronic copy: Pillar, Paul. Terrorism and US Foreign Policy. The Brookings Institute, Sep 2003, ISBN: 0815770774. Paperback edition.
Answer the following questions as two seperate essay questions. This must be a proper paper. Each question must be at least 750 words or three full pages.
(Question 1) Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of Sageman’s views of the root causes and process of radicalization in the evolution of the leaderless Jihad in the context of the national security policy recommendations he provides in Chapter 8 (I will attach chp 8 to documents). Do policy recommendations address all aspects of Islamist terrorism? What is missing? What needs more investigation? etc. Take a position and argue your position using the material in the readings.
(Question 2) Critically review the Bush policy and list and discuss two of your own ideas to improve it. These MUST BE your ideas and not the rework of someone else’s. You must support your ideas with facts, figures and sound logic. Write as if you were presenting your ideas to the National Security Council.

The following websites provide extensive readings on the topic of terrorism and US national security. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.
World War II started from a realism perspective of International Relations. As much detail as to what realism is and how it relates to the causes of WWII is needed. Specific details in history and scholarly works on Realism are necessary as well. Sources must all be legitimate sources, such as peer-reviewed journal articles, historical documents, etc.

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