The report shall be formatted using the APA style and shall be a minimum of six (6) full pages, excluding the cover, abstract and reference pages. *****The paper should not exceed (10) full pages. ***** report shall contain and reference at least four academic journals, reference books, management books, biographical books or other textbooks. Supplemental Internet references may be used and must be cited. Note: Wikipedia is not be used as a source in your research paper. It is not a credible resource. It is a great source for obtaining information to lead to other reliable sources. DETAILS: The research paper topic should be based upon a successful manager or entrepreneur (e.g. Sam Walton, Wal-Mart), either past or present, and may be from any field of your choosing (e.g., business, entertainment, sports, etc.). The paper should include the following (as a minimum, please make sure to include the headings as listed below) 1. ABSTRACT: An overview of the manager and the manager’s management style – Note: The abstract should appear on its own page, one paragraph in length, no more than 150 words and double spaced. 2. INTRODUCTION: Historical background of the person selected 3. DESCRIPTION: Description of the person’s management style including planning and decision making strategies, organizational design and control perspectives, human resources utilization and treatment, motivational techniques/tactics and communication techniques. 4. DISCUSSION: Discuss your overall impression of the individual and their contribution to the organization. 5. CONCLUSION(S): Describe how effective you believe the individual was and to what do you attribute most of their success 6. REFERENCES: Each of the references that you use must be cited in the paper in APA format. The reference page must also be in APA format.

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