The research question is how does enviromental racism affect health (environmental racism can be air pollution, housing discrimination, unhealthy homes, unsafe neighborhoods). It should also slightly focus on Oakland California. The paper must follow IMRAD format (Introduction, Method, Results and Discussion. I have attached all sources to be used below. If you use outside sources they have to be peer reviewed. NO QUOTES IN THE PAPER.
1. Overall Content: •Clear, original, follows assignment; •manageable topic; •conceptual precision with topic;
•ability to recognize multiple and interdisciplinary perspectives; •shows knowledge of research topic; •fully developed ideas;•transitions provide coherence.
Well developed Basically developed Partially developed Marginally developed Major Revision
2. Discipline Specific Writing: •creates effective and engaging writing for a specific audience and purpose; •uses vocabulary/language, style, etc. particular to the discipline; •uses objective tone; •uses active third-person academic voice. •Uses verb tenses appropriately
Highly Competent Basically competent Partially competent Marginally competent Major Revision Needed
3. Quality of Thought / Reasoning: substantial, logical and concrete development of ideas; assumptions are made explicit; details are germane, original and convincingly interpreted.
Well developed Basically developed Partially developed Marginally developed Major Revision Needed
4. Structure: ♦Content organized around required IMRAD sections; all sections and paragraphs follow APA guidelines for headings, sub-headings etc.
♦ Title and title page follow APA format
♦Introduction includes appropriate background info (with APA cited evidence) including statistics to show scope/magnitude of the problem in an identified community; writers provide the larger context of the research problem; includes specific research question and arguable thesis/claim/assertion (rq/t/c/a); writers show how rq/t/c/a/ evolved from previous research on the topic; provides road map for the rest of the paper. APA format adhered to throughout.
♦Method describes role of all pre-writes, library search process with search terms, criteria for selecting journal articles and data bases; Uses past tense appropriately. APA format followed.
♦Literature Review contains evaluative, paraphrased and/or summarized information (evidence) of at least 8* or more peer-reviewed studies related to the rq/t; studies in lit review are synthesized/grouped to avoid study by study sequential descriptions without clear links or integration between them; focused/organized around paragraphs with topic sentences and reasons the studies support or do not support the answer to the research question (the thesis), rather than a descriptive list of studies one after another; avoids beginning most paragraphs with the names of authors; avoids sentences with author last names and initials in the text of sentences, avoids using journal and journal article titles in the paragraph sentences. Includes competing viewpoints; Avoids quotes. Follows APA+ past/present perfect verb tense;
♦Results briefly re-cap/synthesize key findings/take-away points from lit review as a whole (including citations); results do not simply repeat lit review sentences word for word; APA format and verb tense used correctly.
♦Discussion offers evaluative interpretation/meaning of studies in lit review as related to rq/t/c/a; follows APA format and verb tense used appropriately
♦Conclusion; concisely restates the rq, the key points, their meaning, and if thesis was supported. States why this research matters–its significance. Follows APA format (including verb tense used correctly)
♦References follow APA guidelines explicitly
•clear topic sentences; •key points address/support rq/t/c/a; •consistent evidence addresses/supports rq/t/c/a; •logical connections between/among ideas. * Final requires a total of 10 different references/studies.
Well developed Basically developed Partially developed Marginally developed Major Revision Needed
5. Research and Documentation: synthesizes in-depth information from peer-reviewed, relevant sources; sources represent various points of view/approaches; follows correct APA format for citations, references, title, title page, header, font throughout the paper; adequate number of sources referenced.

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