Please follow the instructions from the “Essay 3: The Myths of Justice and Equality”
This essay is to formulate an argument. Use any of the articles as a jumping point to the research paper. Use one of the articles to back up the argument.
I will email the two articles with the Essay 3 document for more specific details about the essay.
You may use one of the articles uploaded for a start off point and then use 2 more outside sources.
Here is the link for one of the articles:
Feminism in the Arab world
i want you please to read the attachment file and write a critical response about the article that i uploaded . Also, i want to you use it as sources and i want you to use examples and use first person ( i ). This is what is requires to use please read it carfully and use it
Some sample topics will be suggested in class. Here are some suggested starting points:
Ø The most important ideas in this reading (lecture, video) were… because ….
Ø Some limitations and problems I see are . . .
Ø A new insight I gained from this reading (class, video) is . . .
Ø Some questions this raises for me are . . .
You may refer to course materials informally, but when you refer to other resources please use a consistent reference format.
Evaluation criteria
– well organized, written clearly and concisely
– thoughtful and well explained responses and analysis, with supporting evidence when appropriate
– demonstrates accurate understanding of readings and class discussions
– resources from outside the course are properly referenced, within the essay and in a standard format list at the end of the paper.

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