The paper is on the Doctrine of the Trinity. Questions like what is involved in the statement that God is spirit? What is involved in the spirit that God is a divine being? What does it mean when we say God is omnipresent? How does the Father indwell the beliver?
The focus of this paper is on the Doctrine of the Trinity from the Old Testament to the New Testament and how we as Christians believe so strongly in the Trinity. The research paper should systematically present and discuss a specific aspect of doctrine of the trinity rather than generalize about the entire doctrine.
Paper must have a title page, table of contents page, outline page, body of the paper and conclude with a bibliography. The paper must be typed, double-spaced and use 11 or 12 point Times New Roman or similar easy to read font. Ten sources is a basic minimum for you to consult in conducting your research.
Study Bibles are not to be included in the ten plus references. No more than four sources cited in bibliography should be from internet sources unless the book or article is published on line. Paper need to be in Turabian. The body of your paper is to be at least ten pages in length.

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