The topic we will be researching about is the perception of Arab university students on Saudi Arabia. 200 surveys have been distributed to the students (100 males and 100 females). We asked the students questions about how well they know about Saudi and what is there over all perception of Saudi Arabia as a society. We also asked them whether they have negative or positive image of Saudi Arabia and asked them to describe the three main cities of Saudi Arabia which is Riyadh, Jeddah, and khobar.
I want a research paper including the following requirements about Saudi Arabia and how Arabs perceive it and its stereo types.
I. Introduction – This is the background to the problem: (7%)
The problem is the negative perception of Saudi Arabia by Arabs
1. A brief history of interest in the area.
The reason behind the stereotypes and negative perceptions of and about Saudi Arabia
2. Specify unresolved issues, theoretical questions, and/or social concerns.
3. Discuss the purpose and rationale for the study (e.g. gap in literature).
II. Review of the Literature — This is a survey of the theory and research related to the problem. It should: (40%)
1. Conceptual definition of the variables.
2. Critique and summarize prior research. This is a review of how the variables have been studied and includes results, conclusions, strength and weakness.
3. Establish the basis for your study. That is, it should isolate issues which merit further research.
Discuss how Arabs have a wrong picture of Saudis due to the wide spread stereotypes about Saudi Arabia that the media and other people are showing.

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