Scenario: You work in the strategic planning department at IBM. For the past five years, you have served in several roles within the organization. Recently, the organization’s senior leadership team determined that a more effective strategy planning process is needed. You’ve gladly stepped into this role to help determine what the improved processes or activities might be. You’ve been asked by your manager to create a project presentation to help the executive leadership team understand the concepts and principles of a well-designed strategy process. In addition, include in the presentation a set of examples of strategy planning activities, which are specific to your organization or industry. For this project, the concepts, examples, and principles are used as a basis for discussion at an upcoming executive leadership team retreat. Create a visual presentation of the strategy creation process and strategic planning activities of your selected company. Please read over the instructions carefully. In your presentation, present the following topics: The strategy concepts, theories, and principles, which are important for the senior executive leadership team to understand the strategy creation process. Identify seven examples of strategy planning activities, or tools, appropriate for your selected organization, such as Internal Factor Evaluation, External Factor Evaluation, Five Forces Model and other tools that would benefit your selected organization’s planning process. At least one original table(s) and/or figure(s) that relate(s) to your selected company. Inserting tables and figures from published sources is not considered original. (You must be creative in designing your tables and/or figures). Be sure to format the table(s) and/or figure(s) in accordance with guidelines. When creating your final presentation, be sure to follow these guidelines: 15 to 18 slides in length, plus a title slide and reference slide, organized, and well written in conformity with Writing & APA Include speaker’s notes containing 50-100 words per slide Incorporate graphics and other multimedia Support your answers using at least 10 peer-reviewed articles or scholarly journals in addition to the textbooks.

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