I need a literature review of the five articles that I will provide based on my research topic:

Timing of Prophylactic Antibiotics within One Hour Prior to Surgical Incision: A Researchable Problem.

I am not concerned about page length as long as the material is covered properly. The literature review should be an in-depth study, discussion, and analysis of the scholarly sources that relates to your applied research topic.

Rather than discussing each of your sources one at a time and then moving on to the next source, you should instead organize your paper around major points and subtopics that are relevant to your main topic.

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Explain each source’s pertinence to the points being discussed; you should refer to most or all of your sources at different points throughout your literature review.

Discuss each source individually as well as in relation to the other sources. Include an introduction that presents an overview of the literature you have reviewed (including any major trends in the literature) and that restates your problem statement and brief problem-solving plan.

Finally, close with a conclusion in which you discuss major trends in the literature, identify any areas of controversy among your sources, address additional questions posed by your sources, and summarize the important published knowledge about your research topic.

You must use APA citations to document your sources. You must include both in-text citations and a reference page to fully document each source that you use.