Essay Prompt: Read Gerard Jones’s “Violent Media is Good for Kids” and John Leo’s “When Life Imitates Video” in our Practical Argument text (between pages 36 and 45). Once you have formally read, highlighted, and annotated these essays, I’d like you to discuss both in a 3-4 page argument synthesis written specifically for parents that remain on the fence about this issue. First, you must provide your reader with a brief summary of both essays and the arguments involved. What do the authors argue about violence and media?
What evidence do they provide in support of their claims? What are the major points they urge readers to consider? Second, you must forward a unique argument directed at undecided parents. With the knowledge you have gained from reading and critiquing multiple essays about violent media, what do you believe parents should know before they allow or forbid their children to view violent media? What will I be looking for when I grade your essay?
• Content/Organization: o Consistent awareness of purpose and audience. You should maintain the academic voice (third person perspective) and avoid the casual interruption of personal opinion. o A substantial introduction that addresses your reading audience with an introductory hook and concludes with a blueprint thesis (or a thesis that presents your main idea and subtopics that will appear in your body paragraphs).
o Summary body paragraphs that objectively review the major points of your selected essays. o The development of a unique argument that addresses parents directly and persuades them with logos, pathos, and/or ethos.
• Style/Mechanics: o Varied sentence structure (This means you should not write the same type of sentence over and over again. I’m looking for variety and style).
o Strong, seamless transition sentences must connect each body paragraph (see Rules for Writers pgs. 64-66 or Section 4d).
o Sentence clarity. Be sure to avoid sentence fragments, run-ons, dangling modifiers, mixed constructions, use of the passive voice, and other grammar snags. o Evidence of Proofreading. There should be little to no distracting grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. o An MLA Works Cited Page. You must cite the two essays you discuss in this paper. Length: 3-4 double-spaced pages in MLA document format

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