Here is the Prompt: Write a paper of 6-8 pages on ONE of the following topics. Assume that your reader is familiar with the text, so do not indulge in excessive summary, and please present in quotations only those passages that you plan to analyze in depth.

Do not reproduce the prompt in your essay. Your essay should contain an argument (we call this a thesis), and your argument should contain a focused analysis based on the text. You must choose one of the following topics, although you may consult with your Recitation Instructor in advance about what aspects of the topic to highlight.

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You need not answer all the stated parts of the question — consider these as invitations rather than imperatives — but be sure to explore the topic as fully as you can. Here is the topic I chose: The Hebrew Bible often uses unequal pairs. In this device, one person or thing is chosen while its companion is excluded.

This is particularly true in the case of siblings. Analyzing one set of siblings in Genesis (Cain and Abel, Ishmael and Isaac, Jacob and Esau, and others), expound on the potential meanings or purposes where this pairing device is used. How might the device be meaningful or instructive for a Hebrew reader?

Does it affect non-binary (i.e. more than two) sibling relations? Does pairing manifest in other aspects of material culture (i.e. pairs of things instead of people), and if so, is there a correlation between these pairs and familial relations?

You should also explain, with reference to the text, how this literary device relates to the plot or narrative of Genesis as a whole. For example, I was planning on discussing God’s rejection of Cain’s sacrifice and acceptance of Abels, and how the Jewish rules regarding sacrifice are not revealed until later in the bible.

You can draw information from anywhere in the bible, but the main focus HAS TO BE REGARDING ONLY ONE PAIR OF SIBLINGS. Also, no outside sources, only passages from the bible. On a side note: I have had fantastic papers from essay town, but I have also had some pretty poorly written papers that were obviously trying to get the job done.

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