So I need an abstract for all the materials I send you. I need at least one page on the big file (why politics matters)and that gives you room for the others. I posted what the professor looks for in an abstract. Example of an Abstract Martin, Gus. “Responses to Terrorism” Abstract: Martin breaks down responses to terrorism intocounterterrorism and antiterrorism. Martin wants to let the reader know from the get go that there are no exact responsesto terrorism that are absolutely correct. First Martin lays out the options such as covert and non military options like intelligence gathering and economic sanctions, and explores conciliatory options such as diplomacy. Later a differentiation is made between military and paramilitary forces. At times Martin accounts that military suppression must be used. Martin then goes on to explain punitive and preemptive strikes and the difference between the two. Case studies are used to show the use of different military strategies in regards to terror such ascoercive covert operations, use of Special Forces, and outright military campaigns. Intelligence is also given a section in this chapter. The importance of intelligence gathering in terrorist situations is explained as well as the different types of inte lligence gathering techniques. The effectiveness of economic sanctions is also explored in the chapter. The pros and cons of sanctions are outlined for the reader in point form for them to take in. Social reform is taken into account later in the chapter. The ideais that social reforms will cut out the conflict altogether. The challenge of creating domestic laws against terrorism is taken on in the chapter. Governments must work carefully to form laws that protect from terror without abridging civil rights. The consensus is that in long term, determined situations with terrorists the method of dealing with them is exponentially difficult. The use of force has been found to disrupt but not fully defeat determined terrorists in domestic situations. Conciliatory actions have found some success in the terror realm, but the main line of defense against terror has been the legalistic side of things. The appropriate length of an abstract varies depending on the material assigned. If you are asked to read a newpaper article or watch a two minute YouTube clip, three well crafted sentences are adequate to capture the content. On the other hand, if you are asked to read a book chapter, something along the lines of the example above is called for. In either case, you should provide sufficient information to show that you read/listened to/watched the assigned item and understood it. Requirement: Read/watch/listen to the following ancillary materials, all available on the “Content” page. These take some time, so do not wait until the last day or two that the homework assignment is available. – Read “Why the Study of Comparative Politics Matters.” – Read “WhyInternational Relations is the Key to All Our Futures.” – Listen to Robert Kennedy’s speech on challenges in the world and the responsibilities of youth. – Watch Paddy Ashdown discussing fundamental changes in global politics and power. Prepare abstracts for each of the ancillary items assigned in one document (either a Word, pdf, or Rich Text file)

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