Answer these questions one page for each by using this book ” Andrew Heywood, Global Politics, Palgrave, 2011″ I’m looking for highlights of the important points only not a deep research!
Q.1. What are the main principles of realism and why did it become the dominant theory explaining international relations? Is globalization a challenge to or a confirmation of Realism? In what ways?
Q.2. Many argue that the global economy is not a new phenomenon but rather that it has existed at least since the seventeenth century. Is there anything distinctly different in the current phase of economic globalization? Explain your answer by giving examples from lectures and readings.
Q.3. What are the basic principles of the Westphalian state system? How does the current stage of globalization alter or undermine the Westphalian order of international affairs? Q.4. There is nothing new about Globalization. Globalization is a process that has determined the nature of relations between nations and cultures since the 17th century†. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Explain your answer by concentrating on the historical trajectory of international relations.
Q.5. Some theorists argue that globalization will lead to greater homogeneity and, as a result, that conflict will be the defining characteristic of global culture. Do you agree with their argument? Explain your answer by giving examples.
Q.6. Outline the key objections to legitimizing humanitarian intervention. What are the responses to these objections? Give examples from recent interventions to assess the validity of these objections and responses given to them.
Q.7. Take one of the issues discussed in this term, for example humanitarian intervention, security, globalization. Write an essay examining this issue using a ‘gender lens.’ Use theories of gender and concrete examples to illustrate and support your argument.
in this stage the writer should read the papers and articles you have selected more closely, making sure that you follow the arguments made by the authors and the detailed fact and figures these are based on.
You should compare and contrast the different texts, comparing the arguments and assumptions that the authors make, the approaches they have adopted, and the facts and figures that they present in support of their arguments. Make sure you keep good notes in a log-book while you are doing this, and highlight interesting sections of each paper using a highlighter pen or Post-It Notes to make it easier to find these bits sections later on.
From this review, you then need to construct report of 1200 words in length which should include the following elements:  a brief introduction to the subject  an outline of your hypothesis  a summary of what the different articles say and the key points they make  a comparison of the arguments both in favour of and against the new line  your own summary of what you have found, making sure to include a view on whether the hypothesis you originally came up with was correct or not You will be supplied with an assignment template that you can use to help ensure your report is well presented.
You do not have to use this template, but you do need to make sure that you include the following: an executive summary giving an overview of the work you have done and what you found  a table of contents numbered chapters that cover the various elements described above  a header on every page that includes your student number a footer on every page that includes the page number PS : i will upload 8 other sources which should be reviewed and the paper should be Plagiarism free . There are faxes for this order.

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