I am taking Comparative Literature class. I am an international student so it’s very hard for me to understand and write midterm essay which criticize a book. I will upload everything you need after completion of this form. These uploads includes how professor is going to evaluate our research paper. I will also upload my response papers which I wrote about the book. Please keep in mind that I am an international student that you can easily understand from my writing that I am not good at English writing 🙂 So please be aware of this situation and write my paper considering this fact..
Writing my document is about ( Documents engineering and technical documentation) I am already write some of it ( I provide my technical documentation_Report2.doc ) I want you rewrite my document and enrich it with the references that I provide The sections : 1- introduction //rewrite my writing and add on it 2- Definitions 2.1 – document definition 2.2 – Technical Documentation definitions 2.3- Requirements documentation definition 3- classifications ( here I want you to show or describe the different types of requirements documentation ) you can see my document and try to do the same 4- Proposed methods and Tools: 1. Documents engineering (XML technology). // you can use ch1_ introduction to document engineering 2. Database technology to model requirements data to be embedded within documentation (dynamic documents) // try to find reference for this and write about it

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