I need a classical music concert report for my music class. I watched this concert and I will attach the introduction booklet I got from the concert. The concert played three songs in total, and they are on the last page of the booklet, please write my essay based on that and my professor mention that \” I am looking for an in-­?depth description of the music using vocabulary we learned in class\”, so I will attach the 25 vocabulary that we learned in the class, please use these words in myessay. I will also attach the essayguideline, please follow it and writeit with 12 front and Times New Roman. Also, I need 4 sources(no wiki) for this concert report. I expect to receive an A for this paper.
For this assignment you will write a two-page paper explaining how you would apply the sociological perspectives to explain a social phenomenon. You can get a better idea about how to complete this assignment by looking at the area called, \”Applying the Sociological Perspective,\” in the first lesson. It gives an example by applying the perspectives to Prostitution. Use one of the three sociological perspectives (functional, conflict, or symbolic interaction) to explain one of the following social phenomena. Illegal Drug Use: Who are more likely to use illegal drugs? What happens to various categories of users? Prisons: Who are more likely to end up in prison and why?
Wage Gap: Why does the wage gap still exist? War: Why has the United States been involved in so many wars around the world? Instructions: Your paper should be two, double-spaced pages in length, in Arial or Times New Roman, 12 point type. Organize your paper in three separate paragraphs. The first includes a summary of the perspective, using the exact sociological terminology. The second includes the application of the perspective to the selected topic, providing specific examples. The third includes your scholarly argument about how that perspective explains the discussed issue.
Hi,  I would like you to write my essay, it would help me so much! The essay has to be 2 pages and attached is the fullessay description. I am not aloud to choose the topic Gender and career succes so I would like the topic; Extra-curricular activities and career success. I don\’t want the essay to be a 10 because that would make it too obvious. A 6/7 would be perfect. Thank you very much,

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