Hello, Please help me write my essay with the details I below. • Using the pronoun “I.” • Capture your reader’s attention with an interesting introductory paragraph. • Use Concrete or vivid words. • Use complete sentences, varying your sentence length and structure. • Used fully developed paragraphs, where each paragraph has only one main idea with enough supporting details to develop that idea clearly and logically. Essay topic: A DAY I WILL NEVER FORGET • It\’s was Saturday morning, the sun was shining bright I woke up and rush to get dress wearing my gold chain and other accessories feeling excited to go classes • Reached up with my friends Sarah and Samantha • Class had been cancel for the day we were super excited decided to plan the day • We always want to go the flower garden which located in the heart of Georgetown • The flowers garden is the department of the flowers industry doing arrangements for all occasions such as wedding birthday and deaths • Everyone seen so friendly clam and relax • Around the area are surrounded with local food and soft drinks • People are all over sitting dance eating just enjoy the beautiful day • We went all the way back under a big tall tree • We were having lunch and noticed something strange with a man • He was tall, red big eyes and wearing old clothing • He keep walking back and forth I\’m sense something wrong with him • We continued to relax lay back and read a book • I was watching around then notice this tall man again he was holding a bunch of flowers in this hand • I decided to stand up he began to walk toward me and looking at very strong and aggressive • I was lost for that moments don’t remember anything or my friends was around me I felt fear • As he was getting close to me I can see his red big eyes I know he was watching me • He pull out a big long sharp pointed knife straight to my neck and twisted my neck to the left • He make one heavy pull toward my chain I feel the pain on my neck instant I was numb • He hit me into my stomach and a fall • He began to run and run • I lifted my head and screaming and my friends and I started to run after him • No one no didn’t came to our rescue • We went different ways to catch him • I saw him jump the fence and I jumped after him I make a bigger jump • I hit him into his face he fell down and a start to hit him back into his stomach while I was screaming •My friend’s reach they held him and hit and hit him so hard • Looking for my gold chain I found it into his pocket along with the long sharp pointed knife • I held the sharp pointed knife back to his neck while my friends tried his hand together • Walk him back to flowers garden • Take him to management of the flowers garden make sure the police was call and we waited • We give our statements clearly • I was very scare my heart was beating so fast • Thank God my friends and I were okay • I fought for my right and was happy to get back my chain

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