I would you to write my essay—thank u!!! Hi, I attached the FIRST and SECOND part of Community Health Advocacy, you have written about the Adolescent Pregnancy and this is the PART THREE, pls follow the instruction below. If you have questions pls let me know. I attached also an example that I found that may help you. ju \”Assignment
Grading Criteria\” Community Health Advocacy

Project –Part Three I. The levels of prevention in epidemiology help provide a framework for health professionals to intervene and prevent disease, injury, or disability. II. Write a short description of the three levels of prevention.
III. Apply the three levels of prevention to your aggregate’s health concern. IV. Include a specific example of your initiative in action for each level.

V. Select the best theoretical model that will help you answer, or provide the rationale for, why you asked the questions you did in Part One of the Weekly Guide. This will help you address your advocacy concerns. Consider the following questions: • What are the main concepts within the model? • What about theory explains why you asked those questions.

Include your work in Part Three of your Weekly Guide. Content 8 points possible Points available Points earned • A short description of the three levels of prevention is included. 2 • The health concern you have chosen is applied to each level of prevention. 3 • A theoretical model is chosen to address the advocacy concern.

1 • All questions are answered. 2 Format 2 points possible Points available Points earned • Follows rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation • Has a structure that is clear, logical, and easy to follow • Consistent with APA guidelines for formatting and citation of outside works 2 Total 10
Well, this is the PART FOUR of the essay, you completed the first 3. Below is the grading criteria:

Assignment Grading Criteria Community Health Advocacy Project –Part Four Design a data collection tool that can be used with your aggregate population. Make sure the tool contains the following–you can research a JOURNAL ARTICLE SCHOLAR addressing the ADOLESCENT PREGNANCY RELIABILITY and VALIDITY of the study, when you find one, please summarize the article.

Then address the following questions below. • Demographics—name, birth date, ethnicity, sex, education level, and so forth • The questions that you came up with in Part One and any others that you feel would apply • Two additional questions that would be consistent with the goals of Healthy People 2020 • Data from reliable sources that answers each of the questions you asked Include data points with two levels of data for each— if you cannot find two points, a data gap exists. Include your data in Part Four of the Weekly Guide.

• A survey tool that includes demographic data has been developed. • The survey tool includes the questions delineated in Week One and any additional questions that would address areas related to the health issues of the chosen aggregate. • Two additional questions that would be consistent with goals from Healthy People 2020 are included.

• Data that correlates to the questions asked—either from week one, or from Healthy People 2020—is included. Two data points—local, state, national, or international—are included for each question.

Healthypeople2020–u can find this website in google scholar, I attached example that I found, you dont have to create a tool, what u could do is to find an article that talks about reliability and validity of their study. pls let me know if you have questions. Also I will attached the PART ONE, PART TWO , and PART THREE.

Also check wgu community health task 2