(May I request you to write my paper) Please read the instructions for the thought of piece and integrate readings. I have uploaded the instructions along with the readings. Once the thought of piece is done, please answer the following guiding questions and reflections questions. Another readings is from (Beyond Same-Sex Marriage: A New Strategic Vision) http://www.beyondmarriage.org/full_statement.html 

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Read and note-take for the following key terms: Defense of Marriage Act Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act & TANF Don\’t Ask, Don\’t Tell Loving v. Virginia Intimate associational liberty Guiding questions: How did anti-abortion arguments shift in the 1990s and early 2000s? How did arguments opposing LGBT inclusion in the military shift in the post-Cold War period?

According to Mink, how did the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act rollback the reproductive and sexual privacy rights of welfare recipients? How does current welfare policy \”privatize poverty\”? What does Mink mean by this? What are three key reasons the authors of the Beyond Same-Sex Marriage statement provide to support their claim that the mainstream LGBT movement needs a new strategic vision? Did you find these reasons persuasive essay ideas? Why or why not?

Reflection questions: What\’s at stake in the debates about same-sex marriage? What\’s at stake in the debates about marriage promotion among welfare recipients? How are these two sets of debates–which are often treated as separate–related to one another?